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29-10-2020 23:56:46  #1

Fox part fabricated

The 'motor gear catch' for my 1903 Fox 3 has finally been finished. It was missing from the typewriter when I bought it. A friend with a Fox 24 traced his part out and made measurements, I sent that to my machinist friend who made a CAD drawing and cut it out with a water jet cutter. The next job is to find out what size balls went under the carriage. They are missing and I have no idea how they would be set up


29-10-2020 23:57:56  #2

Re: Fox part fabricated

I forgot to mention, if you want to see the part, there is a pic on typewriter database, 1903 Fox 3 #6637

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30-10-2020 04:09:34  #3

Re: Fox part fabricated

Wow, nice work.

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30-10-2020 10:15:54  #4

Re: Fox part fabricated

Showed it to a friend of mine who didn't know it was a typewriter part; he thought it was a bottle opener

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