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29-10-2020 23:56:46  #1

Fox part fabricated

The 'motor gear catch' for my 1903 Fox 3 has finally been finished. It was missing from the typewriter when I bought it. A friend with a Fox 24 traced his part out and made measurements, I sent that to my machinist friend who made a CAD drawing and cut it out with a water jet cutter. The next job is to find out what size balls went under the carriage. They are missing and I have no idea how they would be set up


29-10-2020 23:57:56  #2

Re: Fox part fabricated

I forgot to mention, if you want to see the part, there is a pic on typewriter database, 1903 Fox 3 #6637

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30-10-2020 04:09:34  #3

Re: Fox part fabricated

Wow, nice work.

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30-10-2020 10:15:54  #4

Re: Fox part fabricated

Showed it to a friend of mine who didn't know it was a typewriter part; he thought it was a bottle opener

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20-2-2021 01:55:12  #5

Re: Fox part fabricated

Wonderful news!  It is great to hear you found another to use as a pattern.

For that machine it seems unlikely you'd have much success selling copies of the part you had made, but perhaps you could make the CAD drawing available somewhere on the internet in case anyone had a need to make the part again.


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