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27-4-2022 19:35:23  #1851

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Thanks for the photos, measurements, and recommendation! 

I may use a substitute from rubberfeet or the hardware store as a stopgap measure for now, for this and a few more machines with crumbling feet. Your photos will help with designing a replica.


20-5-2022 19:45:10  #1852

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

At lunch, I stepped into a thrift store and bought a Sears Citation for a song (cheap way to try out a series 6). Then, I walked to a consignment store down the street found a sea of 60s and 70s Erikas. (well, ok, seven of them, but that's six more than I've ever seen for sale in one place).

Two of them slipped into my car:

The orange one (which I'm not precisely sure on the modem number; the manual it came with said 110/115) came because it is a bit outlandish, and had an interesting typeface (using the ribbon it came with):

[img]<img src="" width="4656" height="3492" />[/img]

The grey/blue 32 came along because the action of its keys made me smile. Pleasant and like no other machine I have.


20-5-2022 20:27:51  #1853

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Digging through the paperwork for the orange one, it looks like it's a model 110, with the Kristall typeface.

Digging through the 32's case, I found the following. Anyone know what they are? 


21-5-2022 12:29:27  #1854

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Pete E. wrote:

If you find you need a pair of new o-ring belts for your Hermes 10 and cannot find any local, drop me a Message and I would be happy to send you a pair or two for free.
I bought a pack of 25 from McMaster-Carr on-line and have many left over.
Glad you went for the Hermes 10 in Eugene.  It looked to be a nice one. 

I’ll gladly take you up on the offer. I logged in today and noticed all these welcoming messages. I feel unintentionally rude for having not seen this sooner and replied individually to all 1.8k messages. I feel quite welcomed!

EDIT> Moved reply from Quote box to improve legibility. [Uwe] 

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21-5-2022 15:01:20  #1855

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread


I will send out 2 pairs of the o-ring belts tomorrow via US Postal.  Thanks for your PM.



21-5-2022 21:56:43  #1856

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Hi, I have just rescued from the dump a 1954 Empire Aristocrat in working order.
Lovely little portable machine.
Needs a gentle clean, New ribbon and the shift lock adjusted.
Will probably replace the felt as it's rather grotty.

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22-5-2022 07:32:08  #1857

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I did not realize the Hermes Baby was licensed to a company in England to make them.  Found this article :


23-5-2022 11:12:20  #1858

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Pete E. wrote:

I did not realize the Hermes Baby was licensed to a company in England to make them.  

Yes, for more than one generation, and British Typewriters Ltd. (Empire) also produced a Skyriter too - albeit after Smith-Corona bought the company.

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30-5-2022 16:30:00  #1859

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

A friend on vacation in Florida sent me this shot of something he picked up for me at a thrift store, an Everest M3. I'm sure he didn't realize that it lacks a carriage return arm. Best case scenerio will be if it is in that nice zippered case. Don't know anything about these other than made in Italy. 

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30-5-2022 17:35:50  #1860

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread


Everest K3 made in Italy from 1960 to 1962 or so.

It was the more recent machine following their K2 machine.  But for the last 2 years of the K2 production, the K2 ran concurrent with the newer K3.

The user manual has a good illustration of what the CR lever looks like.  Finding a part or even a part machine will take some doing.

I waited for 1-2 years to find my K2 typewriter.


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