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27-10-2021 20:21:12  #1

L.C. Smith cleaning of decals without damaging them.

Hello everyone, I recently picked up an LC smith model 5 in… interesting condition lol. It’s very rusty but somehow the decals and paint seem to be almost perfectly intact. But the entire thing is covered and a thick layer of decades old hard dust. How can I clean this off without damaging the perfect decals underneath? Thanks.


01-11-2021 19:39:23  #2

Re: L.C. Smith cleaning of decals without damaging them.

I would start with a drop of hand dishwashing liquid in a half a cup or so of warm water and a toothbrush. Clean a few square inches at a time and wipe it off to see how it looks. After you get the whole machine clean you can use car wax on the black lacquer, going carefully around the decals and just lightly trying a little wax on a test decal on the back to see if it'll take the abrasive in the car wax without shredding.

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