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03-11-2021 08:46:49  #1

WTB: Royal Ultronic

I am looking for a 1960's Royal Ultronic Electric portable typewriter as pictured. I have tried eBay. I have asked around on forums. And before you send me any links, none of the auction sites have one. And even if they did, Shopgoodwill has a bad reputation when it comes to shipping typewriters so I'm never going to do that again. I am willing to pay anyone who has one a $100 plus $40 shipping or so. Please if you have one don't hesitate to PM so we can work out a deal. And please don't send me links to other shop sites. Most of those shop sites are scams. Unless you can locate one on eBay or Etsy or Craigslist. But I've looked everywhere. I've tried dozens of typewriters forums and I've been even scammed thinking somebody had one and they didn't. So if you have let's make a deal. I am more then happy to work something out. So don't be shy, just PM me and hopefully we can come up with an agreeable arrangement.

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22-7-2022 09:23:25  #2

Re: WTB: Royal Ultronic

On eBay this week.  Powers on and hums but no action of keys.  This sounds like the belt(s) are just shot and need to be replaced.

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22-7-2022 10:23:48  #3

Re: WTB: Royal Ultronic

Most likely rubber belt melted or broken. Not familiar with that particular model but I have fixed Olympia mij electrics by replacing the belt with a large O ring bought on Amazon. If too large, cut to size and superglue together with some heat shrink tubing over the splice. 

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