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11-2-2022 15:28:29  #1

New Moderator Announcement

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of skywatcher to the Typewriter Talk moderation team. This addition to the forum's administrative personnel was made in part to ensure the future of the forum, but also as recognition of skywatcher's exemplary dedication and participation to our community.

As a nine-year member of Typewriter Talk, skywatcher is one of our Originals, and I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank him for joining the team!


11-2-2022 20:16:47  #2

Re: New Moderator Announcement

Excellent choice.   


11-2-2022 21:04:50  #3

Re: New Moderator Announcement

Congratulations to William !

Hat's off to Uwe for starting and keeping the Forum running.


18-2-2022 11:36:27  #4

Re: New Moderator Announcement

Holy crap, congratulations on becoming a god

Typewriter Service Tech (and avid nerd)

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