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14-6-2022 09:17:59  #1

Olympia SG-1 skipping problems

Hello! I've recently joined the SG-1 club and, after some servicing and cleaning, my 1954 machine is typing like a beast --- except for one issue. (Actually two, but let's start with this one.)

When typing very fast, one hit on the spacebar after a letter is typed will advance two, three, even four spaces. While I'm sure my technique isn't perfect, this doesn't happen in any other machine I have, and I rarely jam keys, so I'm inclined to think there's something not quite right with the mechanism.

Does anyone have any guidance? Is there some adjustment I can make?



14-6-2022 21:47:40  #2

Re: Olympia SG-1 skipping problems

i would recommend starting with lubrication before deciding to adjust the mechanicals. Most typers come adjusted correctly from the factory. But lubrication evaporates over time. Especially on the dogs that govern the star wheel. If those dogs start moving too sluggishly they let more than one tooth on the star wheel go by each time, and you get skips. So I would say get some sewing machine oil or gun oil (silicone based lubricants) and something like a toothpick to dab a drop of the oil in there where the dogs work on the star wheel and have at it. But put off making actual mechanical adjustments until you're sure it needs it. 

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19-6-2022 21:16:58  #3

Re: Olympia SG-1 skipping problems

In addition to the good suggestions TreeFaller has made for you, I would also suggest looking at the single space / double space key-top (circled in red in photo below) and trace it back through all of its connecting linkages.  To see if those need to be de-greased and/or otherwise de-gunked.


28-6-2022 19:06:23  #4

Re: Olympia SG-1 skipping problems

Hi, treefaller and Pete E.! Sorry for the delay, these days have been too busy. Thank you very much for your comments. After I posted my initial message I hadn't had the time to tinker with the machine, but I will soon dive into it and follow your advice. Will report back! Thanks again.

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