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26-7-2023 13:29:47  #1

WTB: Olivetti Underwood Praxis 48

I am looking for a known working Olivetti Underwood Praxis 48 that is known to work and that is a standard pica machine with standard font. Nothing italicised not cursive, just standard font. The reason I mention Olivetti Underwood is because I would prefer a machine made in the 60’s in Italy. If the badge says just Olivetti but you can guaranteed that it’s from the 60’s then I will accept. I know these machines or an eBay but the sellers don’t seem to understand the typewriter nor will they tell my the serial number so I can date it. I would rather purchase from someone on a dedicated typewriter website that has a machine that is known working and in decent condition. If you live in the Central Florida area I will be happy to pick it up myself. However I am willing to pay for shipping. If the Praxis comes with a case and it original owners manual, I will pay a little extra. Please respond to this post or pm me. Thank you.

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