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15-8-2023 00:42:19  #1

WTB: Remington Feet & Draw Band

Greetings All
Recently picked up a 1961-ish Canadian built Remington standard typewriter, S/N-CJ618809

The unit is missing its draw band and the two rear feet.

Would anyone happen to have any of these parts available. Thanks in advance,

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I try to leave them in better condition than I met them. I am not their first user, nor will I be their last.
Frederic S. Durbin. (Typewriter mania and the modern writer)

31-8-2023 11:06:00  #2

Re: WTB: Remington Feet & Draw Band

Hi Sky,

I got a Remington back on the road for a friend and used these "Everbilt" rubber pads that are 1.5" in diameter.  Here in the States, I can get them at our big-box store, Home Depot.  They also have a smaller size at 7/8" in diameter for smaller machines.

The metal retainer cups were missing on his machine, so I use a bit over-sized zinc-plated metal fender-washer between the rubber mounts and the machine frame.  I looked for metal "cup washers" but had no luck so went with the fender-washers. 

Good sturdy rubber product and price for 4 is great.


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