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14-4-2024 10:08:34  #1


Looks like this GoodwillFinds web-site started up back in 2022 during the Covid-19 stuff.

Still up-and-running and they have quite a few typewriter offerings.

It is simply a "just purchase" site...and not an auction-site like ShopGoodwill is.

I picked a heavy machine (Olympia SG3) and a small plastic portable to see what the shipping costs would be.  They were $ 26 and $ 14, respectively.  The shipping costs only show up when you start the buy-it process...but you can cancel the purchase if you do not like the shipping costs quoted.

Machines are sold as "un-tested" and sold "as-is".  Only returns I can find  is if shipping damage has occurred.

Might be a safe-bet if you are looking for a parts machine and their asking price is cheap.


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