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16-1-2020 14:34:31  #181

Re: SG Owners Club

Wow, that looks like a brand new machine. Well done!


16-1-2020 15:13:24  #182

Re: SG Owners Club

Err...I just realized that the numbering of my SG-1's was off. I actually have 4 of these machines, and forgot about the first one that bought at a typewriter meet for $70 and is now in a box in storage. The guy who owned it had doused it in orange goo-gone remover everywhere (yes everywhere) inside it, and the keys stick whenever you type on it. It could probably be salvaged eventually, but he messed it up pretty good. It's a project for a rainy day...a long long time from now...


08-2-2020 18:50:05  #183

Re: SG Owners Club

Hello—I'd like to join the SG club. I'm the happy owner of two 1961 SGs: an SG1 Deluxe and an SG1-N. They're both terrific machines!


08-2-2020 18:51:18  #184

Re: SG Owners Club

Not sure how to get my photos on here.


09-2-2020 16:30:49  #185

Re: SG Owners Club

Hwaet wrote:

Not sure how to get my photos on here.

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16-2-2020 12:47:02  #186

Re: SG Owners Club

Thank you.


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