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24-5-2023 17:03:32  #971

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome to the Forum, Rich.

Seems like yu have a nice batch of usable typewriters.

With my age ( 68 yrs. old) and some painful times with my hands from years of DIY work and gardening, I have picked up 5-6 electric typewriters for those days/weeks when my hands need a break.

One of our members runs a typewriter repair/service shop out of Chicago, IL...his name is Lucas Dul and here is a link to his web case he can help you with cleaning & servicing of some of your machines.

I live hundreds of miles away from any local repair have taught myself cleaning & servicing and even repairs along the way out of necessity and economics.  I have 56 machines in my collection...all get used for 1-2 days in a use-rotation on my desk...and all have been cleaned, serviced, and repaired by me...with the exception of one that need a new escapement and that was a skill above my pay-grade. 

I sent that one to Portland OR which costs me around $ 350 for repairs and shipping both ways.  It was a bit of a rare machine and one too nice to I bit the bullet.


25-5-2023 12:22:56  #972

Re: New Member Thread

Thank you for the welcome and for the link, Pete.  I'm going to keep that information on file for when I'm ready to get at least my two big machines worked on.  There was also a shop in a suburb not too far from here that was open before the pandemic, but I don't know what the status is now.  I'm fortunate to have options close to home; it's a lot bigger production to send off a typewriter for repairs than a pipe or fountain pen!


29-6-2023 12:39:55  #973

Re: New Member Thread

Hi Everyone, I'm Stuart, a new member here and based in the UK. I have only recently discovered the joys of typewriters now that I'm in my 50's! After using computers my entire career I'm experiencing the joys of switching off from digital perfectionism, slowing down and embracing my mistakes (as I get used to typing without correction). I found this site by chance and found it incredibly useful before buying my first typewriter (a Hermes Baby, which I love), so thanks to all those knowledgeable people who contributed to this forum.  I've started writing to family and friends, and find they love receiving a letter so much more than 'yet another email'. Look forward to being part of the forum, although I don't have much expert knowledge to offer


30-6-2023 09:32:35  #974

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome, Stuart! Sharing your interest, enthusiasm, and experiences are just as important as expert knowledge. A Baby is a nice start - will there be more? 

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30-6-2023 16:42:54  #975

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome, Stuart!  Typing is indeed a different kind of experience than using a computer.  And though I still use one all the time at work (and obviously to access sites like this one), to me typing is more deeply satisfying.  You're physically interacting more directly and with more energy, you're engaged with the feel of the keys and the sounds and smell of the machine and paper.  It just seems like a closer relationship with the real world.


02-7-2023 15:31:53  #976

Re: New Member Thread

Thanks Uwe and Rich - no plans to buy another typewriter at this stage and I'm just enjoying the physical sensation of typing, simply for correspondence with friends and family. I've belonged to guitar and other forums and know what a slippery slope collecting can be... before we know it we're spending more time searching for and buying new equipment rather than using what we have ;) 

This time I'll try to use the lovely machine that I have and only if I use it a significant amount maybe justify a more substantial machine (possibly SM4 or SM9... must resist, must resist...)


08-7-2023 21:38:20  #977

Re: New Member Thread

Hi everyone, thanks for lettin' me in the group!

I am not a typewriter collector, or even an enthusiast, but merely someone who has a appreciation for older and obsolete stuff--mechanical or otherwise. I like to tinker with things and take an item that is unwanted and see if I can make it look good and functional once again. My primary medium is vintage Coleman gasoline appliances like lamps, lanterns and stoves. Also, flat-wick kerosene lanterns.

Many years back, my dad had an older Underwood typewriter. I remember it sitting on an end table in our foyer. The open and skeleton-like frame always alluded me. Fast forward to the present and that Underwood has long since moved on...

However, my wife and I have been looking for one similar to it to have in our home--mostly for display. Although, I really want to have one that is functional. I would love to fill in fields on a form with an old machine versus handwriting or filling out a .pdf!

So that brings me here--we have just acquired an Underwood model 6 11 (?) from a local church fundraiser/tag sale. It appears to be in what I would call "barn fresh" condition. I believe it is mostly complete, and with some TLC, will be pounding out documents as fast as I can hunt-and-peck at the keyboard.

I do have questions about cleaning it and making a couple seemingly minor repairs, but I will post those over in the tech section shortly. That's all for now, folks!


Hunter & Pecker

09-7-2023 09:17:56  #978

Re: New Member Thread

We're always glad to have another mechanical conservationist join us; welcome, L.J. Scratching a nostalgic itch is a recurrent theme here - and I'm often astounded by the accuracy of childhood memories when it comes to replacing a specific typewriter model that played some role in a person's past. Despite the many hours spent in front of the same typewriter while learning to touch type, I have no memory of what make or model it was. Conversely, a friend of mine not only recalls the make and MODEL of the typewriter he used in school, but also distinguishing features such as key colours, which narrows that model down to a very specific production period.

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.
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25-7-2023 17:48:20  #979

Re: New Member Thread

Hello! I am a new member here. I have a Smith Corona XD6600 and a Royal Alpha 2015. I much prefer to use the Smith Corona XD6600 since it has a dictionary and I can see what I will type before I type it.

I do have the messenger module for my Smith Corona.

I'm interested in typewriters that are more of the late models and can interface with computers. I like to use typewriters for addressing envelopes, since I cannot find an inkjet for the home market that can give me the results I'm looking for, and laser printers are expensive AND very picky about their envelopes in my limited experience.

My current focus is on finding documentation about the Messenger Module. My thread on that is here:

I live in the United States, in the Central Time zone.

I'd also like to learn more about what others use their typewriters for.

Smith Corona XD6600 & Royal Alpha 2015

18-2-2024 18:41:34  #980

Re: New Member Thread

Hello! My name is Hannah. I am a college student, and have always loved typewriters but received my first vintage one in 2022. I was quite excited to stumble upon this forum as I am not a huge facebook or reddit person, but wanted to be able to keep up with the typewriter community! I currently have four typewriters, a Royal Quiet Deluxe (1940s model), an Olivetti Lettera 32, a Hermes 3000, and most recently an Olympia sf de luxe. The last two I found locally and cleaned out which was a lot of fun! I really enjoy seeing them come back to life.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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