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16-5-2023 06:56:38  #971

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome, Dana. We're glad to have you here and it's so great to see your high level of fresh enthusiasm!

But ... but ... oh, Dana---don't leave us hanging like that!  We're dying to know what were the two typewriters that you left behind???    Congrats on getting a Quiet De Luxe, though; you're off to a great start. It's great to know they are being used. Welcome.


24-5-2023 14:25:48  #972

Re: New Member Thread

Hello all, I'm happy to have found this place, though I may not be as active as some.

My name is Rich.  I'm a librarian and writer (mostly poetry), and in the past did a little songwriting and classical composition, though none of my music has been published or performed, with one possible exception.

I'm old enough (72 at this writing) to have used typewriters as a daily tool, including Russian, Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew-alphabet manual machines before the Selectric and word processors (for most of my career I've been, inter alia, a foreign-language cataloger).  My first real typewriter was an Olivetti Lettera-22, a gift from my parents, which I used through high school and college and well into grad school.  Currently I have two Royals, a KHM and an HH, which formerly got regular use but now need a cleanup and some reconditioning, especially the KHM.  In addition there are three portables tucked away in a closet, which my wife variously brought from her parents' house or found at thrift stores: a Smith-Corona electric, an SC Super-Silent (I think), and a delectable little Royal Quiet DeLuxe, in excellent condition for its age, which at some point I plan to beg for.

I'm not an active collector and at this point in my life am not likely to go deeply into maintenance and repair; my main pleasure has always been to appreciate and type with these marvelous machines, and that is what I hope in time to get back to with the typewriters I have.


24-5-2023 17:03:32  #973

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome to the Forum, Rich.

Seems like yu have a nice batch of usable typewriters.

With my age ( 68 yrs. old) and some painful times with my hands from years of DIY work and gardening, I have picked up 5-6 electric typewriters for those days/weeks when my hands need a break.

One of our members runs a typewriter repair/service shop out of Chicago, IL...his name is Lucas Dul and here is a link to his web case he can help you with cleaning & servicing of some of your machines.

I live hundreds of miles away from any local repair have taught myself cleaning & servicing and even repairs along the way out of necessity and economics.  I have 56 machines in my collection...all get used for 1-2 days in a use-rotation on my desk...and all have been cleaned, serviced, and repaired by me...with the exception of one that need a new escapement and that was a skill above my pay-grade. 

I sent that one to Portland OR which costs me around $ 350 for repairs and shipping both ways.  It was a bit of a rare machine and one too nice to I bit the bullet.


25-5-2023 12:22:56  #974

Re: New Member Thread

Thank you for the welcome and for the link, Pete.  I'm going to keep that information on file for when I'm ready to get at least my two big machines worked on.  There was also a shop in a suburb not too far from here that was open before the pandemic, but I don't know what the status is now.  I'm fortunate to have options close to home; it's a lot bigger production to send off a typewriter for repairs than a pipe or fountain pen!


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