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09-10-2015 12:03:39  #1

Mead Multipurpose Paper

I ordered a 100-sheet pack of this Mead Multipurpose paper via Amazon, in the hopes of finding a new paper source that comes close to the look and feel of legacy-era typing paper, of the kind I've found in thrift stores.

Yes, it's a bit pricey, via Amazon; and I'd prefer to find a local source, rather than having to, as I did here, bundle it with other items to get free shipping.

So, how does it type? On my recently acquired Olivetti Lettera 22, very nicely, taking typewriter ink better than many printer papers. It's thinner than typical printer paper, crisper in feel and a bit off-white in color, resembling very much some older typing paper I've purchased used at thrift stores.

Other than the price, I'd recommend you try this paper, if at all interested in finding a new paper source that resembles classic typing paper.

Oh, the barcode numbers for this product are: 43100 39100.


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09-10-2015 17:48:23  #2

Re: Mead Multipurpose Paper

So, more online searching shows you can order packs of 6, each 100 sheets, from Staples online store (at least here in the States) and they will ship for free to your local store. The current price works out to about $4 per 100 sheet pack, about the best I've seen.

Also, searching Mead's website comes up empty for this product, so it may be new old-stock of a discontinued product; if so, all the better reason for one to stock up, if you like the paper.


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12-11-2015 19:35:57  #3

Re: Mead Multipurpose Paper

Did you receive this paper? Is it all that you had hoped for? I purchased some typewriter stationery from American Stationery, and it is sort of close, but is a thicker paper than some old typing papers that I've seen. 


12-11-2015 20:04:34  #4

Re: Mead Multipurpose Paper

Yes, I've received the paper, and I'm very pleased with it. It's virtually identical to the pack of Mead "Typing Paper" from the 1980s that I purchased in a thrift store, the UPC product code being only one digit off between the two, probably to account for the name change from "Typing Paper" to "Multipurpose Paper."

I ended up purchasing a box of 10 packs, 100 count each, so I have a 1000 sheets, at about 3 cents per sheet. Staples shipped the box to my local store, where I picked it up.

The paper is good enough that I've switched to typewriter blogging with it, instead of the green engineering paper I had been using.

BTW, this paper isn't the "erasable bond" type of paper that was stiff, shiny and didn't take ink all that well; this paper is thin and takes ink very well.


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