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16-6-2015 16:16:25  #11

Re: Royal Typewriter Acronyms

Thanks Mr. Ford! You are in collector's parlance a rock star for your contributions here.

24-11-2015 14:48:54  #12

Re: Royal Typewriter Acronyms

Circling back to this dormant thread -- does anyone know how the KMG differed from the KMM mechanically? I know it's grey (though apparently that's not what the G stands for), and it has the tombstone-shaped keys, which look pretty neat.  But beyond that, is there a functional difference?


24-11-2015 16:16:08  #13

Re: Royal Typewriter Acronyms

As far as I know, no. I don't have a KMM myself, but from what I've gathered, the only thing worth noting is the easy platen release feature (which is great; I wish all typewriters had them!).

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27-11-2015 11:55:12  #14

Re: Royal Typewriter Acronyms

Great info from dukedford. Thanks!

I stumbled across this article that goes into detail on the KMM, it's design departures from previous models, patent dates, etc. As a big Royal fan I found it interesting and informative.

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27-11-2015 22:43:54  #15

Re: Royal Typewriter Acronyms

Thanks for the link to that oztypewriter posting -- great stuff. While I marvel at the ingenuity of the KMM (and subsequent Royals') ribbon advance system, I also wonder whether it's an example of over-engineering!  I pass by Mr. Dowd's former address quite regularly.


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