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08-5-2014 13:25:00  #11

Re: New acquisition: Fox No. 1 Portable

A couple of thoughts:  I worked in an office once that had an AddressoGraph Embosser, for making metal address plates.  (Similar to embossed "dog tags.")   I made a substitute date slug for an old time clock.  I think you could get the 3 characters lined up vertically, with  space on both sides. Then cut the metal, and make a sharp fold on each side of the letter, to fit the type bar.

Another thought,  a dental technician should be able to make an impression from a similar type slug, then cast it in metal.  Then solder it to the type bar,  using a lower melting point solder.  The problem here is finding a similar machine from which to make the impression.  Maybe a Corona #3.

Good luck.


26-11-2015 07:51:30  #12

Re: New acquisition: Fox No. 1 Portable

If Im not mistake, doesn't the Oliver have those type slugs?

Back from a long break.

Starting fresh with my favorite typer. A Royal Futura!

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