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24-11-2015 11:06:22  #1

London (UK) Type-In, Saturday 28th November

Just wanted to let everybody know about a type-in happening this weekend in Shoreditch. It's at the Jones Family Project, 78 Great Eastern Street, between 2:30-4:30pm, and is to celebrate the launch of a new book on typewriters and their history.

If anyone is interested and able to bring more than one machine with them, please get in touch as we'd love to hear from you.

As a new poster on the forum I'm not allowed to include links, but if you check the Londonist's things to do this weekend, or search for the type-in at Time Out's website, we are listed on both.


24-11-2015 12:00:08  #2

Re: London (UK) Type-In, Saturday 28th November

Good luck with your type-in, and I hope that you'll be able to post a few pictures and tell us how it went once it's over.

24-11-2015 13:50:46  #3

Re: London (UK) Type-In, Saturday 28th November

Hi Rose, I had an email about this the other week from Rob Bowker - in fact I was just about to send my belated reply! I'm definitely planning to be there and can also bring two typewriters.

Can we have the details of the new book? It all sounded a littl bit vague. It's not actually as vague as all that - it's Typewriter: the history, the machines, the writers, by Tony Allan. Here it is on Amazon US (it's also in the UK and elsewhere)

And here is Rob Bowker's blog post about both the book and the event

I'll definitely be at the type-in; I only live about three miles away. Anyone else UK-side fancy it?


01-12-2015 15:39:36  #4

Re: London (UK) Type-In, Saturday 28th November

So, nu? How was it?


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