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11-8-2013 18:56:03  #1

How to find replacement key(s) without rewarding keychoppers?

I am new to this forum, and apologize if this question seems naive. I've done some searches on the forum and am not coming up with an obvious answer.

I have a 1948 Remington Rand Portable #7 in actually quite good condition; its main problem is that it is missing its left-hand shift key. I would like to find a replacement key, and there are keys for sale (for example) on eBay, but of course I have read here and elsewhere of the scourge of keychoppers, and would prefer not to buy keys off of a keychopper and thereby reward them for their misdeeds.

What is the best/most responsible source of replacement keys that I might try in order to secure this missing key? Any advice would be appreciated.


11-8-2013 21:18:28  #2

Re: How to find replacement key(s) without rewarding keychoppers?

That's a very good question. Finding a parts machine would be one way of going about it. Not only would you be able to replace the missing key, but you'd have a number of other spare parts to keep your machine running.

I'm in the same boat - worse actually, because I need a complete set of keys for a Remington I just bought (it's in the Standard sub-forum). And it is very tempting to just buy a set off eBay, but as you pointed out, that would just be rewarding a keychopper and the sale might inspire them to go out and butcher another machine.

It wouldn't hurt to post the need of that one key in the Buy & Sell, Parts sub-forum here. It's quite possible that another member of this forum has a parts machine already and will be willing to send you the one key. I have a Model 7 too, but it's in working condition (it does need a few small parts) so I'm sorry that I can't help you out.

Good luck - keep us posted.

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12-8-2013 07:54:22  #3

Re: How to find replacement key(s) without rewarding keychoppers?

Uwe -- thanks very much. I appreciate your feedback, and verifying that I need to be careful about rewarding keychoppers. I'll post around and see what I can find as you suggest.


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