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22-12-2015 15:22:42  #1

french type-in

Hi everybody ! I'm french and intend to organize type-in my area in France. Is there any french speaker having an idea of how to translate "type-in" in french ? I've tried several words, but I'm not satisfied at all with them ! Thanks !


22-12-2015 17:46:00  #2

Re: french type-in

Good luck with the type-in, and the translation! However, I have an idea: Why not create another name for the event? There's no rule stating that a gathering of people interested in typewriters has to be called a "type in", and I for one would love to see more creative terms applied to such events. Maybe it could be a play on words with where it's being held? Or of the machines being used?

22-12-2015 18:12:34  #3

Re: french type-in

Thanks for your message. Yes, that's quite what I was intending to. Another way - in french - to name these meetings, referring to typing of course. I will think of it, and organize one in 2016.

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