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22-12-2015 21:11:53  #1

Typewriter Desk

I just mention the following in case somebody in or near New Jersey might have the ready cash, interest and space for this - and be able to solve the delivery problem:

eBay Typewriter Desk

This thing is cool, it appears to be in superb condition and it is being sold for a fraction of what I think it would bring with the proper marketing. I, regrettably, cannot solve the space and delivery problem at a minimum. If it were a roll top desk I think it would easily bring $1500 in that condition, and is certainly as cool to somebody who loves typewriters as a roll top desk is in general! Only issue seems to be that the typewriter section needs some work to be made functional.

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23-12-2015 09:18:58  #2

Re: Typewriter Desk

You might find this previous thread of interest then:

​There was also a previous discussion about typewriter desk types, but for some reason I can't seem to find it at the moment. And early in the Recent Acquisitions thread we had discussed other ways of storing typewriters.

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25-12-2015 10:27:24  #3

Re: Typewriter Desk

Thank you very kindly, Uwe. I am, of course psychotically jealous... err, "insanely" jealous of beak's beautiful desk with the SG1. Also interested to learn he is a professional writer and I hope he may be moved to the relative loquacity of these earlier posts again sometime in the future.

I had set myself at reading every TT post since the beginning before mouthing off more at random, but had not got far! I shall try again, for there is much good information in there.

"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton".
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