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06-2-2016 01:55:50  #11

Re: Carbon paper

JanetLand wrote:

The stencil setting is also handy because it makes just enough of an indentation on normal paper to see where the text will land when you start typing for real. Very nice for forms.

Yes great tip!
I'm wondering if we should try to gather all of these typing tips into a thread of their own.  Would help many, I think.


06-2-2016 07:34:28  #12

Re: Carbon paper

I began my newspaper career at about age 10 with carbon paper when I published a neighborhood newspaper with a total circulation of six.


06-2-2016 13:10:19  #13

Re: Carbon paper

Did you actually manage to stuff eleven sheets around a platen (six pages, plus five carbons), or did you have to type out two or three copies?

Stay Safe! 

09-2-2016 16:25:54  #14

Re: Carbon paper

I forget... (I was only 10...).
Methinks I jammed them in somehow as my patience level at that age would not allow excessive re-typing. It was a 1950s Smith Carona portable I was working with.


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