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12-11-2013 03:35:30  #1

Triumph Matura


this is my first thread. I'm not sure if I'm in the right subforum. If not, please move the thread.

I am about to buy my first typewriter but I don't know much about them yet.
I found a functional Triumph Matura for sale nearby and I wanted to ask you, if you can tell me something about it.
Is it known to be reliable?
I want to use it for some personal letters that I write.


12-11-2013 15:28:01  #2

Re: Triumph Matura

Hi Hagen, welcome to the forum! The Matura is an office model, so yes, you did post this in the right sub-forum.

I don't have any first-hand experience with the Matura, but I do own a Triumph portable, a Norm from the same time period as the Matura that you're considering. I really like the machine, it types well, has a nice action, and as a bonus it looks great. Based on that machine I would definitely consider buying other Triumph models.

With respect to the Matura you want to buy, perhaps the most important consideration is its cost. If the typewriter is cheap, you have absolutley nothing to lose by buying it and trying it out for a while, If you don't like it, you can always sell it for what you paid.

On the other hand, if the machine is expensive, I would advise not to buy it. There are many, many typewriters in your area that are available for very little money, so unless you really love the design of the Matura, there's no reason to spend a lot of money on one.

Triumph thought that its Matura was a rather special typewriter. Here's what the company has to say about it:

 1950 "Matura" - Queen of the typewriters

Triumph creates a sensational new development in the form of the Matura office typewriter. 
Its modern design and unparalleled quality make it the "Queen of the typewriters". It now sets the benchmark for the world market, and in Germany represents the future of typewriter development. The Matura becomes the hit product of the 1950s. 

That's a pretty impressive claim, and one worth investigating. I hope you end up buying it so you can post a few pictures of the machine along with your thoughts on its performance.

Good luck!



13-11-2013 07:21:02  #3

Re: Triumph Matura

Hello and welcome!

Triumph is a very well regarded German brand, and the machine is likely to be very good - if in good condition.  Since the TW is nearby, I guess you have the chance to test it (?).

If you can't test it for yourself, do question the owner to discover if EVERYTHING is functioning as it should; some problems are easy to fix with correct cleaning, some are not at all easy for the amatuer to put right.  Small things that don't work properly can seem insignificant at first, but may become a complete pain later on.

Sticking keys is the most common problem encountered on old machines, and cleaning usually fixes this easily.  Beware of oiling; certain parts should be oiled, but some should not. - In fact some say that there is no place at all for oil near a TW.  See the links to Shangas' pages of help on buying and cleaning.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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14-11-2013 16:44:23  #4

Re: Triumph Matura

thank you for your advise!
After reading your posts and concerning that the machine indeed was very cheap I bought it today. It is generally functioning but very dusty inside so the keys are sticky. But it should be okay, after I clean it. I'm going on a trip this weekend, so i won't have time to do so until next week. Then I'm going to post some pictures, too.
So long and thanks again,

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26-1-2021 16:40:56  #5

Re: Triumph Matura

Uwe wrote:

That's a pretty impressive claim, and one worth investigating. I hope you end up buying it so you can post a few pictures of the machine along with your thoughts on its performance.

I recently bought one. I was immediately impressed by the Matura's performance. Now I have cleaned the machine and used it to write a few letters, I am still impressed. I am even thinking to promote the Matura to be my default standard, in favor of my SG3. The SG3 has more/better features, but I prefer the key action of the Matura.


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