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29-3-2016 18:13:54  #1

Please help locate my serial number

I bought a Royal today. I think it is a Royal 10 (but everything I know, I learned today. I could be wrong). I keep reading that I need to move the carriage to the side, and might need a flashlight, but I am not seeing anything except a gold plate under the back of the carriage. Is this it? I tried googling the number, but there were no hits. Thanks much for any help you can offer!


29-3-2016 19:20:12  #2

Re: Please help locate my serial number

The first step would be to determine which model you have, and at that point it would be very easy to tell you the exact location of its serial number. A photo would make identifying your typewriter a very easy task - instructions on posting photos here can be found in the FAQ thread of the Type Talk sub-forum.

On earlier Royal standards, move the carriage all the way to the left, and look in the right back corner of the typewriter (that was covered by the carriage). There should be a stamped number there. If the machine is in need of a cleaning the stamp is often covered by a layer of dirt, so you may need to wipe it with a paper towel to reveal the number.

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29-3-2016 19:24:48  #3

Re: Please help locate my serial number

Ok, I apply it. Im almost positive that was the plate i was referring to.  I read the newbie  FAQ earlier, and it said i couldn't post pictures until after I had a few posts, so I thought I would ask if I was even looking at the right thing. I will upload my pictures to photobucket or something, so I can post the url's. Thanks for your reply!

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01-4-2016 10:58:14  #4

Re: Please help locate my serial number

The Royal Model 10 serial number is located on the back left/top of the machine (as you are looking at the front).  You should be able to see it by sliding the carriage all the way to the left.
Attached is a link for the Royal Typewriter Serial Number database:
I am also new to typewriter collecting and have a number of resources that I have come across in researching my Model 10. 



18-7-2016 20:35:03  #5

Re: Please help locate my serial number

Royal 10 is on the top right side


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