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16-4-2016 06:02:55  #1

Infinite monkeys typing

a single monkey typing indefinitely would hammer out the complete works of Shakespeare (or is it the Earl of Oxford?) at some point.  Fine.

A computer program has been set to generate random letters (and spaces and punctuation) to see if it can produce some Shakespeare.  It did.  Two words.

At the rate it's going (which is much faster than anyone can type, let alone a monkey) it would need quite some time before it typed 'To be or not to be' or any similar bit of the Bard this long.  In fact, it would need to have been running for about 14 billion years - started at the time of the Big Bang.

The chances of it typing out the complete works immediate are approximately the same as those of a single (very long lived) person winning the Nation Lottery every single week for thirty thousand years.

But not only will our finger-sore monkey do it, but he or she will also type out every other book ever written, every other bit of writing ever wrotten, every other word ever spoken, and every other human thought ever thunk.

Including this post.

...and every book it is possible to write.

...and every thought it is possible to think.

..including that one.

'nighty night.


16-4-2016 06:27:39  #2

Re: Infinite monkeys typing

Oh No! Hes Messing With Our Minds! Its The Infinite Monkey Theorem!

Back from a long break.

Starting fresh with my favorite typer. A Royal Futura!

23-4-2016 22:00:48  #3

Re: Infinite monkeys typing

Or maybe not. If the monkey learned written English along the way it would stop typing randomly and start typing things of interest to a monkey "She had a set of curves like a ripe banana", and "I played along with his game and made signs for 'want food', while all the time I was composing sonnets in my head".

"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton".

24-4-2016 06:13:27  #4

Re: Infinite monkeys typing

Or it would just be confused and look like the one on your profile picture! lol

Back from a long break.

Starting fresh with my favorite typer. A Royal Futura!

24-4-2016 10:45:10  #5

Re: Infinite monkeys typing

He is not confused. He is p***d.  

"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton".

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