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27-5-2016 09:54:33  #1

Help with photos

Can anyone help me  understand how to include a photo in a post ? I'm using an iPad
Should I be seeing a img tab somewhere on my screen? Copy/paste doesn't seem to work for me either.


27-5-2016 10:15:30  #2

Re: Help with photos

Please read the
Typewriter Talk FAQ - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!  thread, which has detailed instructions on posting photos.

27-5-2016 10:23:14  #3

Re: Help with photos

I wonder why I do not see the same tool bar?
Mine says Quick post. No options like those noted in those great detailed instructions. Or maybe this will change if I have 3 posts?

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27-5-2016 13:05:43  #4

Re: Help with photos

Well, you have more than three posts now, so you should see it. Alternatively, you could also try clicking on the "Post Reply" button located in the bottom right corner of the posts, or by clicking on "Quote" within a specific post. Either of these will give you the full reply box instead of the quick post version.

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