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05-6-2016 14:53:23  #1

Any Medium users here?

Are there any Medium bloggers on the forum at all?

I've created a Typewriter Publication on it if anyone is interested in contributing?
Let me know and I'll add you as a Writer/Contributor.

here's a link to it

I've only just joined it myself so it's empty at the moment. Still trying to figure it all out.


05-6-2016 16:00:27  #2

Re: Any Medium users here?

I'd never heard of Medium, so I just poked around the website for a while to figure it out; I sometimes feel like it's a full-time job keeping on top of the constant stream of new social media apps, and since I've already got my hands full between the TT forum, and my own blog and Tumblr accounts, I don't see myself having time to contribute anything. Still, it would be great if you kept this thread updated with its progress. I wouldn't mind taking a look once there's something there to read. 

Stay Safe! 

05-6-2016 16:57:02  #3

Re: Any Medium users here?

yeah, no worries. There's so many these days. Just thought I'd put it out there just in case...

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10-6-2016 20:15:59  #4

Re: Any Medium users here?

Small update:
Managed to get the first few contributions, if anyone is interested in having a peruse.
Quite difficult to find stuff that wasn't already used in other publications, but a nice little mix to get us started
Of course, offer still open to anyone who fancies contributing.

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