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11-12-2013 22:48:27  #1

stand-up Underwood...

I recently attended an auction and picked up an Underwood Champion portable typewriter and was surprised to discover it had a stand built into the bottom of the case. Not a lot of info on them on the Web, does anyone else here have one? Are they common or no? Also acquired a Royal Heritage Deluxe which is a new model on me. The holiday season seems to be bringing them out...


12-12-2013 01:01:30  #2

Re: stand-up Underwood...

That is very interesting. I have a faint memory of once having seen such a contraption on some website, but never in person. Any chance you could post a few photos of the case? It must weigh a ton, especially with the typewriter in it.


21-12-2013 01:08:12  #3

Re: stand-up Underwood...

I suck at putting pictures on the web but there is one for sale right now on ebay. Not mine and I'm not affiliated.

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21-12-2013 03:26:47  #4

Re: stand-up Underwood...

Just searched eBay and couldn't find anything. Could you post a link to the auction?


22-12-2013 22:25:35  #6

Re: stand-up Underwood...

Thanks. It's a cool contraption, have you tried yours out? How stable is it? I can see it coming in handy at times, but at the cost of what must be a considerable amount of extra weight. What makes it even more clever is that you get a small table to put your notes on beside the machine.



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