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8019Yost typewriter in antique postcard
My wife deals in vintage postcards on eBay and this one turned up in a lot won at a public auction recently. Its pre WW1 and features a Yost typewriter. Oddly, none of the pictures I've found on the web have the Yost name on the side. No idea which model it is. The postcard is a real photo type in a mini size i.e. smaller than standard. Rotary Photo were a large producer. The postcard probably dates to 1900 to 1910.
I haven;t seen a typewriter on a postcard before.


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Re: 8019Yost typewriter in antique postcard

Is there anything written on the other side of the postcard?

According to Wikipedia, for what that's worth, actress Edna May was a very popular model for postcards. And given it's a posed photo, it's very possible that a Yost badge was added to the machine either for advertisement or as an early example of product placement.

I've seen quite a few typewriter postcards, but they're not something I collect. Here's an example of one featuring a Facit.


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Re: 8019Yost typewriter in antique postcard

I think you do get advertising cards for typewriters, they just don't seem to turn up very much in the sorts of collections that get sold at auction. Advertising cards are a sub-speciality of postcard collecting.
The're nothing on the reverse that gives a clue, just the usual postcard stuff.

Interesting idea re product placement.

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