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30-1-2014 22:34:52  #11

Re: Removing platen from Remington Portable #3?

Yep, that's it.  The RH platen knob comes off & the rod comes out but the platen seems to be attached to the LH knob & return assembly.  It's possible that someone buggered up the LH knob assembly as the center of the knob is open & there are threads inside.  Also, there appears to be a copper-colored object inside that will not come out.  Both are visible in this picture.


31-1-2014 16:27:46  #12

Re: Removing platen from Remington Portable #3?

I'd have to have the typewriter in front of me to try and figure out what to do. Maybe another member on this forum who knows the model better, could help. 

I've always wanted a streamlined Remington 5. I think they're sexy. 

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