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21-2-2014 09:00:57  #1

KHM18 - How much to pay

How much would you offer for this typewriter. I haven't seen it in person but told all keys seems to work though the ribbon is missing. Thanks.

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21-2-2014 10:54:55  #2

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

Given the condition of the paint and stencils, $40. Of course it depends on where you are and who is selling it. Machines like that in antique shops are typically over $100, but that's because they would have bought it for $40 or less.

What makes this a less desirable model, and make it available for little money, is that extra wide carriage. I've only been buying standards of late, they're my new best friends, and they're often cheaper than portables. but wide carriages are still a turn off for me and most other buyers as well. I don't have any practical use for them and they take up so much room (and add a lot of weight).

Good luck and let us know if you end up with it!

21-2-2014 11:00:50  #3

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

Agree completely on the space concern. 

I offered him the $40 and I'll let you know if I get it.

Thanks for answering all my begineer questions, but as a mechanical engineer I love things which are mechanical in nature and started to buy some typewriters as a hobby and such. 

One last question. What is the fair value for this Royal 10 I believe.

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21-2-2014 17:49:20  #4

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

The Royal 10 is an icon, but there are plenty around and that one looks like it's seen better days. At least it has the original spools. Most old Royal machines that I've bought didn't and the ribbon reverse mechanism won't work properly without them. I'd offer $30 to $50 depending on its mechanical condition and the assumption that all the beveled glass panels are there and in one piece.

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Re: KHM18 - How much to pay


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23-2-2014 15:12:45  #6

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

Uwe, thanks for all the help. One other question. What would the value be for an Underwood No 5 that looks to be in great condition?


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23-2-2014 15:56:49  #7

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

The Underwood 5 is a dirt common typewriter; however, sellers who don't know anything about typewriters - which accounts for the majority of sellers - tend to ask a lot for them because they look like a proper antique. Consequently, most that come up for sale in my area are listed between $125 and $250, but you would have to be insane to pay that much for such a popular machine. I wouldn't pay any more for an Underwood than I would for the other two machines you mentioned in this thread. In fact, I once refused one that was being offered to me for free because I was too lazy at the time to lug it to the car.

I wrote this blog entry about buying an Underwood No. 3 for $25 that might interest you. The machine wasn't worth $25 really, but when I drive 40 minutes to buy a machine for such a small sum of cash I just can't justify returning home empty handed.

I've been on a real buying kick lately for standard machines. so just to give you an example, I picked a 1952 Smith-Corona two days ago for $15, and a Royal HH today for $20. Both are in good mechancial condition and type well even though cosmetically they've seen better days. When it comes to buying used typewriters, the best advice I can give is to be patient and wait for a machine to turn up that is modestly priced. There are millions of machines out there, so it's just a matter of time that one will land in your lap for the cost of a case of beer.

23-2-2014 16:31:20  #8

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

Thanks for the very detailed explanation. 

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23-2-2014 17:08:43  #9

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

Do you normally just look through Craigslist or how do you locate them? THanks.

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23-2-2014 18:15:29  #10

Re: KHM18 - How much to pay

Craigslist is a good source, but I also keep an eye on eBay and Kijiji. With repsect to eBay, it's normally a cost prohibitive source if you want to buy inexpensive machines because of shipping. However, you can search for eBay auctions that are local to you and then arrange (beforehand) with the seller to pick it up instead. Antique shops are usually not good places to look because they're trying to profit off a machine that they paid what you would have for it, but on rare occasions bargains can be found if you find the right store owner. I've bought a few really good machines from such stores, but it's really low odds, so I generally don't bother with them. Thrift shops can be a good source too. Again, they are very hit and miss depending on where you live.

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