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04-3-2014 15:29:19  #1

Suppressed Key

The "Q" key on my Remington Travel-Riter sits lower than the rest, which causes the arm to stop before it hits the ink/paper. Has anyone ever encountered this problem before?


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Re: Suppressed Key

I know pictures would help, but I'm new so I can't link until I've posted twice. This is my second post, so I'll link pictures of the problem in a second.

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04-3-2014 16:33:34  #3

Re: Suppressed Key

Here's what it looks like:

And here's the view from below. You can see the forward position of the mechanism that's connected to the problem key, on the left side of the row:

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04-3-2014 17:05:31  #4

Re: Suppressed Key

Hi and welcome to TT. The first area I would look at is the segment, which is the most common source of sluggish/frozen keys. The segment is part of the type basket that resides under the ribbon cover. All the type bars pivot through it and it doesn't take much for that area to become contaminated and cause problems. Use a metal cleaner - I use Q-tip soaked in Varsol - to clean the pivot point for the letter Q. DO NOT use oil as it will only attract and hold more dust and dirt in the segment. At the same time check that its slug is resting at the same point as the rest of the slugs in the type basket to make sure that a linkage hasn't been bent.  

I have a Letter-Riter and Quiet-Riter, so if what I'm suggesting doesn't make sense I can take some photos later pointing to these areas. Good luck!


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