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08-1-2017 04:06:54  #1

Typewriter art

Ok, not quite art as in the real, free form work of Keira Rathbone, the British typewriter artist, but I did this on my Lettera 32.  Quite fun, even if the process isn't for everyone.


14-1-2017 00:43:39  #2

Re: Typewriter art

Oh, I remember playing around on a typewriter, drawing pictures with it.  It was a lot like etch-a-sketch--the round parts always came out looking square.

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14-1-2017 04:53:46  #3

Re: Typewriter art

Yes, I just followed a pattern but it's quite satisfying, it annoys people round you though lol

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14-1-2017 17:15:07  #4

Re: Typewriter art

You might find this previous thread of interest and the link to Malole's website within it (she is quite the typewriter artist):
Typewriter Art


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