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18-2-2017 20:28:35  #11

Re: The typewriter in music videos

At what point in the video did you see the magnifier? I did spot a regular plastic alignment guide at one point but missed the magnifier.

18-2-2017 23:23:01  #12

Re: The typewriter in music videos

Uwe, if you look closely at 2:16-2:20 for the first brief glimpse and then again at 3:35-3:38 for the second VERY brief glimpse, you'll see there is a magnification in between the two paper guides where the type slugs touch the paper.
If you watch the video 1000 times as I have you'll see this thing is attached to the type basket paper guides.
It really just flashes on the screen and unless you can advance frame by frame it will be difficult to spot but, it's there.
As to the actual make of the typewriter, meah, it just 'feels' like an Olympia SM9 


18-2-2017 23:39:54  #13

Re: The typewriter in music videos

I went and watched the video several more times until I was able to stop on just the correct frame and it would seem that you are correct, it is only a clear spot over the letters being typed and NOT an actual magnification.
During normal viewing speed those two scenes go by so fast that they appear to show a rounded area of magnification as described and, not an actual magnifying attachment. Would that it did.....but, I'm glad that has been cleared up.
I guess it's back to the desk mounted page magnifier.


19-2-2017 10:57:57  #14

Re: The typewriter in music videos

I have a brochure somewhere for a copy stand that I THINK featured both magnification and illumination, but don't recall seeing anything for the actual typed copy, presumably because typists often didn't look at the type point when transcribing something. At some point it would probably just be easier to use a 'tuned' pair of reading glasses for such work, but I'll be interested in following your experiments using alternate methods.

19-2-2017 23:10:20  #15

Re: The typewriter in music videos

Well thank you for looking Uwe. I think something like a magnifier at that location would be of help at times.
As for experimenting with optical aids to typing, I think what it is leading me to do, is find a good pair of glasses.
My biggest issue is that I wear tri focal lenses and it is often challenging to look from the copy to the key board to the page and back, in a timely and efficient manor.
I have tried to find some readers in my prescription for close up work but no luck yet.
I'm due for some new glasses soon and so I'm going to see what I might come up with.
In the mean while I'm going to try to set up my 8 X 10 Fresnel lens page magnifier over the typed page so I don't have to try to refocus my eyes so much or move my head around so much to find the right spot to look through.
The new goggles will definitely  be continuous focus.

Of course if I could touch type AND SPELL REAL GOOD, I wouldn't have a problem. 


19-10-2017 19:56:49  #16

Re: The typewriter in music videos

There's a brief shot of a Remington Super-Riter sitting on a shelf in Imagine Dragons' On Top of the World official music video. 
Also, this isn't a music video, but when Good Mythical Morning (Youtube "internetainers") first announced they were writing a book, it shows the back of a portable, possibly a Royal. You can lookup "GMM book announcement" on Youtube to watch the 30 second video.


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