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27-3-2014 23:05:20  #1

Underwood 1932 4 bank Portable

This is my first portable typewriter purchase. It's a beautiful machine, absolutely useable. I'm working on it now. I'll post pics when finished.


28-3-2014 11:34:08  #2

Re: Underwood 1932 4 bank Portable

I have a couple of four bank Underwoods, but unfortuneately they both need work and as a result I don't use them very often. What problems are you experiencing with yours?


28-3-2014 18:04:38  #3

Re: Underwood 1932 4 bank Portable

Well, I've only just recieved it. It needs a new ribbon, so the writing is poor. The machine is in great shape though, everything works. It's a bear to type with, but it's been years since I've typed on a manual so..
The case is missing a hinge, but is in pretty good shape. This typewriter is going to clean up great. I bought three typewriters to start, meaning to clean and sell one of them. I'm torn between selling this and the Underwood #5. Here's a picture:

I'm old enough (54) to have taken typing in the day when everyone "Needed to learn on a manual." Can you believe how outdated that idea has become... Too bad.

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