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08-3-2017 17:00:15  #1201

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

CoronaJoe wrote:

How's this again for pictures?  Things have changed since the FAQ's were published.  Photobucket charges a subscription, and Flickr is Yahoo owned with bells and whistles and the image links don't have the .jpg suffix.

I just checked Flickr to confirm that the instructions I provided for posting photos using Flickr still work, and they do. The image below is hosted on Flickr and was posted using the Flickr instructions found at the bottom of the Photos post in the FAQ. If you're having a hard time with Flickr I would suggest trying out Imgr; I find it far easier to use, especially for adding photos to forums.

I'll update the Photos post in the FAQ to add my Imgr recommendation, and will also try to make the Flickr instructions easier to follow.  



08-3-2017 20:27:00  #1202

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Thanks a ton Uwe.  I think I got things to work on Flickr going on a few pictures I've shared on the Woodstock and some book images.  The instructions posted and on their tutorial mostly didn't work for me, at least on getting images to show without a hyperlink.  I have no "link" option, just share, embed, and BBCode.  The BBCode seemed to be the one that worked for showing actual images on this board.  I'm running Windows XP and use FireFox for the browser.  Don't know if that correlates to anything, but I do know other people run on the same sites with different affects than I do.


08-3-2017 20:51:55  #1203

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Joe, re-read the FAQ. I've already updated it to address what you were talking about.

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08-3-2017 21:41:16  #1204

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

This is a test.

Dang!   It works.


11-3-2017 19:21:41  #1205

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

My latest score!

It's an Oliver No. 3.  How old?  Can't say, as I can't for the life of me find the serial number!  It does appear to have been made in Canada though, as the sticker on the back says "United Typewriter:  Toronto, Ont.".

It's dirty and full of debris, but the keys work except for L and the spacebar, and the carriage traverses, albeit stiffly.  Once it's clean I think it will be better.  It's missing a keytop in the upper right corner; when I pressed it nothing perceptible happened.  Backspace, maybe?  It's a dramatic departure from the rest of my machines, so if anyone wants to chime in with advice, please do!

I'm quite pleased since I've been looking for an Oliver for a while now without a bank-breaking price - looks like my number finally came up.  3 bank keyboard will take some getting used to, though...


11-3-2017 20:07:31  #1206

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I found the plaque with the manufacturing info under the spacebar.  It says "Patented in Canada August 21, 1895 Linotype Co., Montreal with the serial number 49711.  The plate is quite dirty, but I believe that's the number...


11-3-2017 20:13:10  #1207

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Ampelmann wrote:

It does appear to have been made in Canada though, as the sticker on the back says "United Typewriter:  Toronto, Ont.".

That's just the dealer sticker. Wouldn't mind seeing a photo of it to compare to the United stickers I have on my machines.

I think Thomas Oliver might have been born in Canada, but early (pre-1928?) Oliver typewriters were manufactured in Woodstock near Chicago.  

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11-3-2017 20:15:03  #1208

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I think it may actually be made in Canada.  I subsequently found the actual plate!  It was buried under dirt...  I found this earlier, as well on ozTypewriter:


11-3-2017 20:59:43  #1209

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Here are the additional photos:


11-3-2017 21:28:20  #1210

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I've got an Oliver 3 that I've been working on for a while, so I know this model pretty well. But there are a lot of weird differences that I see between yours and mine:
1) Mine (and most of the ones I've seen) has white keys, yours are black.
2) The ribbon holders are vertical instead of horizontal. I've never seen that before. 
3) In the second picture, there are curved brackets just south of the two towers. Weird.

Congrats on the Oliver! Compared to the standard, it looks like you've find a rather unusual specimen!


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