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29-3-2014 01:40:15  #1

Best way to maintain flecking paint?

Hey there,

Pretty new here and not very knowledgable about typewriters so not sure whether this is a silly questions or not.

I recently aquired an Olivetti Lettera 32 in very good condition considering where I found it.  There are only a few little marks and scratches in the paint, which I'm fine with, however on some of it's edges the paint has actually come off exposing bare metal beneath.  

I was just wondering if there was a method of protecting these area's to prevent furthur paint coming off or the metal from rusting if it should ever be exposed to the elements.

The paint on it is a crinkle finish, I think it's called.  

Any suggestions?

Thanks!  -Nyx.


29-3-2014 06:44:02  #2

Re: Best way to maintain flecking paint?

Could you post pics? They might help. I've not heard of a L32 having crinkle paint, it sounds really cool. It's my understanding that crinkle paint is very difficult to 'touch up' as it were.


04-4-2014 21:01:20  #3

Re: Best way to maintain flecking paint?

So here we go.  What I think is crinkle paint doens't show up well in these pictures since I cleaned it.  I assume it's crinkle because it isn't smooth and glossy.  

Light was a bit bad in this photo... Not sure if you can see, but in the middle on the edge of the front there, it's been scraped against something and the bare metal is exposed.

An example that you can see better; the paint has scraped off on the inside of the ribbon cover.  

Sorry I don't have a higher quality photo to show you the detail of the paint itself.  If I find the charger for my proper camera I'll put some pictures in the typewriter gallery. 

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