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13-4-2014 18:15:26  #1

1960 Royal Futura 800

I just picked up a Futura 800 - in horrendous shape - to complement a pair of FP standards I already have. One of the many problems with this machine is that it's missing the latch on the inside of the ribbon cover that keeps it closed. I don't know how the previous owner could have lost the part which is screwed to the inside of the ribbon cover, but their solution to the problem was to tape the cover in the closed position. Years of this practice has not only left a lot of dried glue to the case and cover, it's also lifted a lot of the paint off the machine.

If someone could post a few photos of the part I would really appreciate it. I will have to fabricate it from scratch, so I hope it's a fairly simple part. I know Herr Höhne owns a Futura 800 (or at least did) so many he can come to my rescue? 


14-4-2014 08:47:51  #2

Re: 1960 Royal Futura 800

Uwe, I would love to help---I would love to even be able to help. But as it happens, my Futura 800 is one of the very few portables that came to me without a case. Polt has a Royal Parade, which has the same body style, though I don't know whether he has a case.

I have a Caravan, Sabre, and Aristocrat of the same era but different bodies. They all have the molded thin plastic case with a latch that sllides to one side to release. Is that the kind of case you need help with?

== MH


14-4-2014 10:04:13  #3

Re: 1960 Royal Futura 800

Michael, I think you might be talking about the travel case, which isn't what I'm after (my machine didn't come with a travel case either). 

The part that I need to make is on the inside of the ribbon cover and latches to the red Royal ribbon cover release button:

Here's a view of the inside of the cover. There's a threaded hole with nothing in it, and I know that's where the latch should be - the part that I need to duplicate:

I hope that makes more sense. Thanks!

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14-4-2014 19:29:26  #4

Re: 1960 Royal Futura 800

Oh, alright then. Here's a dropbox link to 6 pics that may serve for you. You're right; it's fairly simple: bent flat steel and the screw is probably standard. Good Luck!
== Michael


14-4-2014 22:18:25  #5

Re: 1960 Royal Futura 800

Excellent! Many thanks, that's exactly what I needed. Now I just need to fabricate it! 

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