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17-4-2017 19:44:27  #1

The wonder that is the spring binder

Somehow I had gone a handful of decades without knowing these existed. A novelist friend was showing me his work-in-process one day, and I'll admit, I was more taken with the spring binder than the manuscript. I said, "What is that?!?!" He shrugged, "Something my thesis advisor made me get."

Well, I had to have one, but was shocked that they are $35 on ebay. I found a guy selling old ones in lots of two or three, which brought the price of the 2" ones down to $10/each. I love these things.

An ugly thing when it's empty.

But fill it with a manuscript, and it becomes a thing of beauty. All my typewritten pages neatly held together, safe from coffee spills, and ready to peruse. Not a three-hole-punch in sight.

The one above is new. The empty one is one of the "vintage" ones I got recently on ebay. The trick to getting stacks of paper in neatly is to really manhandle the thing. Bend those covers back to open the spring, then place the manuscript in and release the spring. Couldn't be simpler once you get the hang of it.

Never knew these existed until last year. 


18-4-2017 14:51:41  #2

Re: The wonder that is the spring binder

I had never heard of one of these before seeing it here.

Smith Premier 4 typewriters are cool!

18-4-2017 16:00:46  #3

Re: The wonder that is the spring binder

Reminds me, in function, of a clamp binder ($3,95 at Staples), which hold 100 sheets each (larger ones are also available). I'm guessing that the capacity of the one in your second photo is around 200 sheets? I think the clamp binder is a lot easier to use, especially if you want to pull a specific sheet out.

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