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20-4-2017 09:31:21  #1

punching holes when typing

Hello everybody !
I have trouble with several of my typewriters (Japy P6, Erika 5 and Remington 3): they all print very well, but they punch holes in the paper sheets (and even the Remington ruins the ribbon!) . I recovered with bike tube the platen of the Erika because it is rock-hard and had holes in it. But the problem was still there. I did the same on my Japy (the platen is hard but less damaged) but the problem stays. Have any idea ? Thanks !


20-4-2017 13:17:02  #2

Re: punching holes when typing

You really need to get the platens re-rubbered professionally.  It is likely to be expensive, but would be worthwhile doing in the long run.  I know that there is a man in France called Marc Pellancour who does this.


20-4-2017 13:24:00  #3

Re: punching holes when typing

Following on to what thetypewriterman says, by adding the bike inner tube, you have increased the diameter of the platen -- which means the typeslugs are going to be even more likely to puncture the paper. The typewriter was set up with a platen of a specific diameter, which should not be changed. A professional re-covering of the platen is needed. Or, try using a sheet of backing paper between the platen and the paper on which you are typing.

Regarding the ribbon for the Remington, is the ribbon old? If it is new, I am surprised that the slugs are putting holes in it. All the more reason for backing paper (or a newly re-covered platen).


20-4-2017 13:52:13  #4

Re: punching holes when typing

Thanks very much for your advice, which I'll try to follow. I shall contact M. Marc Pellancourt to know the cost of a platen recovering. And in the meantime, I will use some baking paper!
All the best!

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23-4-2017 09:11:34  #5

Re: punching holes when typing

For typewriters with really hard platens I use a sheet of mylar and then an additional backing sheet. I'm about to send thetypewriterman two platens to get fixed, one of them off a machine that currently requires the mylar and TWO additional backing sheets. It's an investment. The one he already got re-covered for me is a dream and a joy.


23-4-2017 09:50:59  #6

Re: punching holes when typing

Thanks Kat! I think I will ask Typewriter Man for at least my beautiful Erika. Would you mind telling me the average price he asks for recovering a platen? (in PM if you prefer). Thank you !

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23-4-2017 16:35:44  #7

Re: punching holes when typing

Without wanting to be advertising on the forum, I can answer this directly.  It usually costs £110 to re-rubber a platen, plus return postage to France of course !


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