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16-4-2014 06:01:20  #1

Remington Standard No.7 Ink Ribbons....

Ok, it's me again !!

Does anyone know of a supplier of ink ribbons for a Remington Standard No.7 typewriter. The original ribbon i have in mine is a disintegrating mess and i would like to get a new one. I have the original spools, so that's helpful. The problem seems to be that the ribbon is quite a bit wider than the ribbons that are available. I have yet to contact the UK typewriter Man to see if he has any suggestions ( i don't have the actual ribbon size with me, but i'm sure someone on here could tell me what it is !).
Any help would be gratefully accepted.



21-4-2014 04:52:28  #2

Re: Remington Standard No.7 Ink Ribbons....

The only suggestions that I can make are to try suppliers of till (cash register) ribbons since these are sometimes odd widths.  If the worst comes to the worst, you might be able to MAKE some ribbon fabric by obtaining plain cotton or nylon ribbon of the correct width from a haberdashers and soaking it in METAL STAMP ink, NOT rubber stamp ink (also called endorsing ink).


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