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13-5-2017 16:24:34  #1

Seattle type-in May 28, 2017

Type-IN May 28, Sunday  1- 3 pm library meeting room  8016 Greenwood Ave N. Seattle, WA  (admission is free)Questions?  call or text David Bark @ [url=tel206)-851-7464](206)-851-7464[/url] What is a type-IN?  A place for people to get together who like to type on typewriters. Should I bring anything? Bring your typewriter if you have one, and if you don't have a typewriter come anyway if you would like to learn more about them. There will be at least one or two that you can try typing on.  The library opens at 1 pm and no alcoholic beverages please. Sponsored by David Bark


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Re: Seattle type-in May 28, 2017

Phone for David is 206-851-7464.

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Re: Seattle type-in May 28, 2017

As usual, late to the party.  Well a hospital visit pre-empted everything.  Aside from that, how did it go?


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