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26-6-2017 10:20:23  #1

New, historic typewriter blog


I invite you to look at my new blog, "On the Margin - A Look Back at the Rebuilt Typewriter Business."  This little-remembered but formerly major aspect of the industry now will get its due, via short but interesting posts on this blog.  Much historical information and many rare photos will be seen as will, of course, typewriters!   I've been collecting typewriters since 1999 and writing about them on the net and in magazines for almost that long and I can say honestly that I'm as excited about this new effort as any previous one.  I hope you enjoy it.


27-6-2017 04:21:43  #2

Re: New, historic typewriter blog

Hello Will,

A nice bit of work. Interesting about the grey Underwood 5's. I look forward to more posts on there.
Keep it up.


27-6-2017 08:52:38  #3

Re: New, historic typewriter blog

Hey Will looking forward to it! I've search a number of things on Google on your site always came up but it looked a bit hard to navigate and as though the pictures had been removed. I'm glad to see you getting things up and running again!


27-6-2017 11:31:27  #4

Re: New, historic typewriter blog

Someone near me has a Royal KHM that looks pretty clearly to be rebuilt -- overall grey finish, with no decals at all. Since the KHM is a really pretty machine in its gloss black finish, the dull gray crinkle is, well, dull. But these are fine machines, and I am very tempted.

While the typewriters may not look as great with the new finish as they did when new from the factory, a rebuilt machine has its own story. And, any process that brings the machine up to full working order and prolongs its life is a Good Thing. I realize, though, that for some collectors, only the original factory finish is acceptable.


07-7-2017 11:30:27  #5

Re: New, historic typewriter blog

I have a weekend of posts coming at On the Margin - a new post each day.  Friday's is already posted.  I hope you like them!  And remember - we're only just getting started.  

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