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25-4-2014 01:26:59  #1

Help sought for LC Smith & Corona Sterling 1939

Have made good progress with this large-print (6 cpi) machine, and it's typing!
The capitals are uniformly faint towards their top (though the lower case letters are fine) and I don't seem to be able to find anything on line about how (or what) to adjust to cure this.
I have examined the ribbon vibrator, and the ribbon is new - don't think either of these are the problem.

I suspect the following, but don't know which, if any of them, it is:
1   Platen too thin from age - recover to make thicker.
2   Segment shift to be adjusted so that it falls lower; slugs too high in relation to platen.  But then I don't want to throw out the lower case by doing this.
3   Platen too far from slugs - adjust forwards.
4 other?
In the sample photographed, I hit the keys a little harder than normal for the caps; with an ordinary touch the caps print hardly more than their lower half only.
Any clues or suggestions very much appreciated.

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25-4-2014 15:50:21  #2

Re: Help sought for LC Smith & Corona Sterling 1939

I'm pretty sure that it is an age-hardened platen.  The large typeface would make this problem look worse.  The lower case characters look better because they have less surface area and what there is, is more centralised on the platen.  If the problem improves when you use several backing sheets behind the one you are typing on, it may give you a pointer as to what is happening.


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