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25-4-2014 09:47:40  #1

Olympia SM 3 Carriage hits the casing

The Mailman delivered my new Olympia SM3 today. YAY! It is in really good conditions but has one problem.
The carriage seems to sit to low. If I Try to move the carriage to the right with the carriage return it hits the casing from the inside and stops. With a little force it will move further but scratches on the case.

Is there a possibilty to adjust the height of the carriage? otherwise I need to rasp a bit from the casing which would look really ugly although it is maybe only 0,5-1mm.

thanks in advance.


25-4-2014 13:42:22  #2

Re: Olympia SM 3 Carriage hits the casing

Eisenmann, don't rasp it and don't keep moving the carriage until you fix this! This is a well-known problem with an easy fix. There are four rubber washers fitted between the shell and the frame (very accessible) and these have deteriorated and flattened over time so they let the mechanicals sit lower in the shell. Get replacements from your hardware store, loosen all four screws and then replace the washers one at a time (so it is easy to keep the screw holes in line). I'm afraid I don't remember the thickness for the washers; maybe you can judge that from the remains, or get a variety of thicklnesses, or search the web for something like "Olympia SM carriage scrape". In the end it costs about a dollar and six minutes. Thanks for preserving another Olympia!


25-4-2014 14:28:09  #3

Re: Olympia SM 3 Carriage hits the casing

I found the four rubber washers. The left one in the back looks really thin. Awesome. I'll look for something to replace them.
Thank you very much. I'll report when I'm done.

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25-4-2014 15:44:58  #4

Re: Olympia SM 3 Carriage hits the casing

What you need are tap washers (faucet washers in the American parlance).  Easily found in a hardware or plumbing supplies store and very cheap !


25-4-2014 21:46:13  #5

Re: Olympia SM 3 Carriage hits the casing

Eisenmann wrote:

I'll report when I'm done. 

Don't forget photos too!


26-4-2014 01:18:59  #6

Re: Olympia SM 3 Carriage hits the casing

Yup - this is the problem and this is the cure.  Did it with mine and returned to perfect instanly.  One tip; replace them one at a time rather than take all the old ones off first - saves realignment.


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