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09-7-2017 12:42:33  #1

Portable case help

I recently bought my second typewriter: a reconditioned 1936 Underwood Universal. It's absolutely flawless (except for a small touched-up blemish on the left spool cover and the front rubber feet are in poor shape. Other than that, it's perfect.)

The case however, looks like it was tied to the back of a WWII Panzer VI tank and drug over a gravel road for 20 miles. Is there any place I can go to get this repaired? I was thinking of an antique furniture repair shop, but is there a better alternative? I'd really like to keep it under $100 if I can.



09-7-2017 14:41:35  #2

Re: Portable case help

I'm not sure that it's worth spending any money on repairing a machine's travel case, unless of course it held great sentimental value or was something truly rare. For half your 'repair' budget you would be able to buy another Universal, one with a case in very good condition.

​Also, keep in mind that this is an international forum, so when asking where you can take something to be repaired it's very useful to mention where you live. I encourage members to add their location to their profile so it shows up under their member name in every post.

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Re: Portable case help

Thanks. I'll do that.

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Re: Portable case help

You didn't describe what sort of damage the case has received. Based on the vintage and brand, I bet the case is wood, covered in some sort of cloth that is supposed to resemble leather. I have a couple of Underwood portables of this vintage with beat-up cases, and I think some sort of wood glue can help mend them if the wood is loose, or the joints (dovetailed on mine) are coming apart. But if the case is really falling apart, you may be out of luck. As for the fabric covering, that's probably of lesser importance, but you might be able to find some sort of contact paper with a similar look and feel that's self-adhesive.


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