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26-4-2014 23:52:03  #1

The Mysterious Olympia Monica

After some time searching, I can find little about the Olympia MONICA.

SInce there seem to be dozens of them for sale locally, I would like to know where this model stands in terms of quality and feartures in relation to the better known SM3 and SM4 etc., which it seems to resemble.

Can anyone pitch the Monica for me in terms of quality and features? 


27-4-2014 18:49:06  #2

Re: The Mysterious Olympia Monica

I have a few later-model Monica machines, which are bare-bones versions of the SM9. And while they might not have some of the bells and whistles of the SM9, their typing performance is very much on par with them, which means they are excellent machines for pumping out copy with.


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