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04-5-2014 20:37:22  #1

Olympia Model 35 needs a new power cord

Hi everyone! This is my first thread here. I promised mom that I would get her a typewriter for her birthday, and I picked up a really nice Olympia 35 International. It's in good shape, but needs some general maintenance. The biggest problem is the rotten rubber on the power cord. Any idea where I can source a new ( or decent used) one?



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Re: Olympia Model 35 needs a new power cord

Hi, and welcome to the forum. Where are you located? My recommendation would be to make your own cord using the suitable cable (with correct guage wires) and a male electrical plug. In North America you can buy all of this material at your local Home Depot or Lowes.


05-5-2014 07:30:48  #3

Re: Olympia Model 35 needs a new power cord

Hi Uwe, I just updated my location. Thanks for the reminder.

It would so much easier to just replace the whole cord, bit this model has a removable cord with an oddly specific head. Guess i should have mentioned that in the first post, right? the typewriter end of the cord has a round plug with three femal pinholes: One in empty, and I suspect is used for placement. The other two are are metal and transmit electricity. 

The plug says "Monroe" "6A-125 V" "A 25 OV" and then the number 68 over the number 5.

Is this plug still sold?


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Re: Olympia Model 35 needs a new power cord

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Re: Olympia Model 35 needs a new power cord

Here is a photo of the plug next to a standard printer cable. Unfortuantely the pins have slightly different separations, and the hopes are a littel wider on the older one. 

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05-5-2014 13:59:56  #6

Re: Olympia Model 35 needs a new power cord

A three prong plug usually uses one pin for power, one for the neutral, and one for the ground. So you need a three-wire cable with minimum 16-guage wires in it to handle the current rating of the typewriter. Can you post a photo of where the female end of the cable plugs into the typer? My guess would be that the plug configuration is specific to the machine/manufacturer, so you will probably need to hard-wire a replacement cord to the machine. 


05-5-2014 15:47:14  #7

Re: Olympia Model 35 needs a new power cord

Ahh yes, Olympia used that plug and socket on their office-size electric machines in Europe too.  The third pin was an earth here.  By about 1980, Olympia replaced this configuration with the standard Euro-plug (the same sort of lead that is used here on desktop computers - and maybe in the US too).  The round leads have been impossible to find for over 30 years now.  If you want a removeable lead, your only real option is to obtain both a Euro lead and a male socket from an electonics store and convert the machine to take it.  Be sure that you are competent and confident in what you are doing.  It would have to be done safely and be a well-engineered conversion.  There is the real possibility that a well-meaning half-hearted 'fix' could be lethal !


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