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I've received my first typewriter, well packaged and ever so gently transported by FedEx.  It's a 1954 Olympia SM3 in olive green, purchased from a dealer in Nebraska, perhaps for more than I should have paid, but not excessively so. Last night I sat at the kitchen table, opened the slightly worn, but still sturdy formed wood case, and their she lay. I inserted a fresh piece of inkjet paper, plied her keys, and was rewarded with steady tap-tapping.

I've purchased her to document my (admittedly marginal) poetry, with some sense of significance, panache, and style. She seems well suited to the task.

However, I've realized that poet and typewriter are only 2/3 of the equation.  Could someone school me, (or direct me to a resource), regarding different papers of perhaps archival(?) quality?




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Re: Paper

Oh good grief.  First post and a typo.  

"...and THERE she lay."

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Re: Paper

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.... No worries! Welcome -- a fine choice you made, and you were lucky for it to arrive intact, based on the experience of others here.

I'll defer to others here about paper, though I seem to recall a thread on this topic relatively recently, so search this forum and see what you find. But copier/printer paper is so darn cheap, it's hard to see the point of using anything else, unless you're thinking of typing up a presentation copy of your work.


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Re: Paper

Hi Drofen

​Welcome aboard. It's a bit of a long thread, but this one discussed paper in Typewriter Paraphernalia ( I use a variety of different papers depending on what I'm typing. For musings and general memo's, GP copy paper. For letters to friends here in North America, usually Staples item # 490950 cream pastel paper. For letters back to England, I found a double ream (1,000 sheets) of vintage 9 lb. onion skin paper, and for those special occasions, SMART Papers Synergy Bond. Hope this gives you something with which to work. All the best



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Re: Paper

I've been using the blank Rhodia staple top pads for a while and I have to say, the paper is great. It's 21.3 lb high grade vellum made by Clairefontane. It's a little pricey, but made for ink pens. It absorbs ink well without any bleeding. Anyways, I think it's worth a try.


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Re: Paper

Hi There- I have had really good luck with Southworth 100% cotton, 20lb. paper. The paper can be obtained at excellent prices - I think I pay around $15/ream which is excellent for a cotton paper. Cotton paper is sort of considered to be the traditional gold standard for important documents that are intended to be kept for a long time. You probably want to be sure that whatever paper you end up using is acid free. 


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