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12-5-2014 19:45:47  #1

Wanted: type height lever for Underwood Leader.

That may not be the right term for the part I'm looking for, but I don't know what else to call it. If you happen to have an Underwood Leader that you're parting out, open the lid and look on the left side. There's a metal part with a slot in it and the number 1-5. I'm pretty sure there should be a lever of some kind in that slot that controls the height of the type when you switch to upper case. I have an Underwood Leader in near perfect condition except that, for some inexplicable reason, it's missing this lever. Help!


12-5-2014 20:23:13  #2

Re: Wanted: type height lever for Underwood Leader.

I don't think you're missing any parts.

First off, that indicator isn't for type height, it's a part of the touch control system (H for heavier to L for lighter). And your machine, which is a Leader, is a budget version of the Universal and I'm pretty sure it didn't come with touch control, which is why there isn't a lever there to adjust it. It's not uncommon to see such apparently missing features in models that shared major parts with other, more upscale models of the same series of machines. 

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12-5-2014 20:41:13  #3

Re: Wanted: type height lever for Underwood Leader.

Aha! Thanks Uwe, that's useful  information.
When I switch to upper case with this machine, the letters are too low. The tops of the capitals are even with the tops of the lower case letters, rather than the bottoms being even as it should be. I can see that this is caused by the type arms being lowered too far when I press the shift key. In fact, if I press the shift key only partway down, I can make the capitals line up properly. I assume there's some sort of adjustment which is out of whack and causing this problem, which is why I surmised a missing lever. Any idea where else I could look to solve this?
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12-5-2014 21:34:02  #4

Re: Wanted: type height lever for Underwood Leader.

Yes, it's an adjustment that you can make. I'll have to pull out one of my Golden Touch models to check as the adjustment point varies from machine to machine.

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