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12-6-2017 06:59:46  #51

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I use a wide range of papers, but perhaps my favorite is a 100% cotton, 20lb paper made by Southworth. It has an excellent finish for typewriting on, and really reminds me of some typewriter papers I have come across. The lighter weight makes the typewritten impression so much more obvious. It's beautiful. And- it's only around $15 for an entire 500 sheet reem at WalMart! I am not a huge fan of Walmart, but a quality American made 100% cotton paper for that price, I can't resist the temptation!


14-7-2017 18:28:43  #52

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I usually use regular 8.5x11 printer paper; I also occasionally find elaborate stationery paper at thrift stores I use for letters.

My greatest find though was finding 3 reams of onion skin paper for $5 each.  I use that for when I'm doing serious writing.


03-9-2017 22:02:34  #53

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I've been using stationary with letterhead that a friend printed for me using his amazing linotype machine and a letterpress. It's good to have a pal who's a fine art printer! He turned me on to the French Paper company. They have lots of fun fancy papers.  Honestly though, a nice vintage high cotton content paper is my favorite. I need to try to find some more. A lot of what I've been typing lately is correspondence, so leaning heavily on my stationary. With matching envelopes of course. They have the same design of my Hermes Rocket on the back that I'm using for my avatar (bigger of course). I'd love to have a few other of my typewriters on envelopes so that I could use a Leterra 22 envelope for letters typed on my Lettera 22, a Hermes 3000 envelope for letters typed on it, etc etc. Probably not happening anytime soon though.  


24-9-2017 12:51:46  #54

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I use Southworth 25% cotton bond business paper for writing and Pelikan typewriter carbon paper (smears but makes very black impression).  Got a ream of the Southworth paper off Amazon on sale for $10.


03-10-2017 14:22:11  #55

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

Usually multi-purpose, but for personal messages, I've been using paper from a cheap unruled writing tablet.  It's so thin that the letters perforate it. Without care, the letters would disintegrate.   If it means something to the reader, they would give it care. 

I would love to have a regular-width roll of multi-purpose. I used to write stories for people Kerouac-style on a roll. 


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25-10-2017 10:45:27  #56

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

My one-and-only typewriter isn't working yet so I'm getting prepared.

I use xerox Vitality Premium Muitipurpose Printer Paper Extra White 24 lb in our printer.  It's overkill but it's conveniently available from Costco and not too expensive in the 800 sheet package.

Not to hi-jack the thread but are any of you familiar with using this paper in a typewriter?  What's your opinion?



25-10-2017 12:21:47  #57

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I use the exact same Xerox paper for my daily typing. It works very well with typewriter ink, and even the fountain pen ink I use when editing what I've typed. I also like its heavy weight because I type on both sides of the page. And finally, it's a good choice for a backing sheet since it can withstand numerous pages of use before there's a need to replace it.

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25-10-2017 15:58:01  #58

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

Thanks Uwe!

As a typewriter user and fountain pen user that's especially good to hear.


11-1-2018 21:04:30  #59

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

I like to use Tomoe River paper. It was originally designed for fountain pen use, and is much thinner than regular paper. But at 52gsm, it is a very nice paper to use, particularly for correspondence.


11-1-2018 22:21:09  #60

Re: What kind of paper are you using?

Hi Tim

Welcome to the forum, glad to have you on board. Just did a Google search on Tomoe River paper, I like the look of it, almost has the texture appearance of the old Silk-span model airplane covering. Our American friends still work with the imperial system, so 52g/m² would equate to 14 lb. paper. Not quite as light as 9 lb. airmail onionskin paper at 34g/m², but you could pack 7 sheets into a regular #10 envelope and still come in under 30g or 1oz for a standard stamp. Happy typing,


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