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27-9-2017 10:48:19  #1

Type-scale ruler

Just spotted this one on line.  It's an ordinary rolling ruler, but is marked with a typewriter's type scale.  Not sure of its intended function - anyone know the details?


27-9-2017 12:40:21  #2

Re: Type-scale ruler

Does it actually state 'typewriter' anywhere on the ruler? I would imagine it was used for typesetting and doesn't have anything to do with a typewriter. I have a plastic typesetting ruler (I'll have to take photos of it) that seems to be a more modern version of that tool, which also includes a '12-pitch typewriter character count scale' on it.

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27-9-2017 20:33:28  #3

Re: Type-scale ruler

No, doesn't say the word. I guess seeing 'Elite Type Scale' made me think it was TW related.  Perhaps not.

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03-10-2017 12:32:33  #4

Re: Type-scale ruler

Unless I'm out to lunch - it is a typesetting tool for counting characters from a typewritten document. Assuming the document is typed using the Elite font - one of the standard typewriter fonts - and the "return" setting used is single space... it allowed one to read/calculate the number of characters x the number of single-space lines on a sheet, albeit line by line...

Knowing those specs allowed a traditional typesetter (I am/was one) to calculate how much space that type would take up in a larger point size (having such measurements on hand of course), or to calculate what size type would be needed to fill a set amount of space.

Modern software does that for us now without having to refer to type specimen books or knowing how to do the math...


03-10-2017 14:54:24  #5

Re: Type-scale ruler

It is a typewriter ruler. I saw another, from the same company, in the same style, that had elite on one side and pica on the back. That one may have the pica scale on the back as well. It measures both lines and character spaces. It was used to help with formatting. I have a normal typewriter ruler, without a roller. They also made ones that were combo typewriter rulers and eraser shields.


03-10-2017 14:58:39  #6

Re: Type-scale ruler

SoucekFan wrote:

They also made ones that were combo typewriter rulers and eraser shields.

By "they," I didn't mean that company specifically. I should have worded that differently.


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